ELSA strives to Enhance Legal Sector Access for all those pursuing legal careers. We host events with national law firms located in and outside of London, which provide members with the unique opportunity to personally connect with employers not traditionally promoted at Durham. ELSA also focuses on raising awareness of careers that value legal skills, beyond the traditional commercial solicitor or barrister route.​​

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Meet our society on October 2nd and 3rd at the DSU.

First Social

Join our first law social on October 17th. 

President's Address

My name is Rachel Hendsbee and I am a third year law student at St Aidan's College. I am so excited to be taking over as the ELSA President for the 2019/20 academic year. ELSA formally stands for Enhancing Legal Sector Access, but we have grown into a society which aims to highlight careers and opportunities outside of those traditionally promoted at Durham.

Rather than focusing exclusively on ‘Magic Circle’ and large London firms, we host events with regional and national law practices. The Law Outside of London event brings a group of students down to Leeds for an open day with three distinct firms, and Legal Pathways brings up speakers from a variety of backgrounds to talk about the options available to law students who wish to explore a different industry. Our focus is on building connections between professionals and students.

We hope you join us this year and look forward to seeing you at our Freshers Social, careers events, or annual Jazz & Prosecco night.


Rachel Hendsbee

St Aidan's College, Durham